Sunday, December 17, 2006


Welcome to the Universe of an open, limitless mind...

Which would you rather be - right or happy?

Would you be willing to open your mind to the possibility that you have more to learn from this life then what you have experience so far?

First off acknowledge this fact: If someone can do it anyone can, you only limit yourself, nature and situation are not a restriction - they are a challenge.

If a man born without feet can diligently become one of the fastest runners in the world, anything is possible.

If you have all your fingers and toes be grateful. If you don't... be grateful - you are reading, you are here able to understand.

There are tons of people out there living healthy, happy, spiritually and mentally balanced lives. Healing with hands, colors, sounds, vibrations, energy, if someone can - anyone can and the information is out there.

You don't have to climb a mountain to learn a secret.

Masters of tantra (which is actually a collection of methods to surpass consciousness) will tell you - you can tell a great secret to a mass collection of people, only those ready will actually hear it.

Secrets of ancient masters can be released mainstream but only the "lotus that flowers above the murky water" will understand it clearly.

Let me explain in brief - the secret oral teachings of the traditional Buddhist sects put it this way. (Only taking from one tradition here I have noticed a similarity across the board) There are 3 types of spiritual minds or seekers and they can be compared to the lotus flower.

The first type is those that bloom below the surface of the murky pond. Never breaking the surface, they are oblivious and cut off from the understanding of higher secrets. They can be told a universal secret point blank and it is not within there ability to comprehend the words.

(This will be the type of person, usually complains a lot, and when you give a universal or spiritual idea all you get in return is a smile and a blank stare. “Can’t talk now, shows on the tele.” There's a long way to go here, or shall we say a long way to grow to have the ability to hear a higher knowledge...)

The second type is the blooms that break through the surface of the cloudy, dark water and flower with their petals resting on the ripples. Ah, the open minded. These are the people that have a tendency toward curiosity. They can hear the secrets but may have trouble with dedication or understanding. Still clinging to the physical - seemingly supportive water, they want - but have a hard time letting go and learning.

(This will be the person with a genuine interest, which often gets distracted from practice. Taking everything in but not taking anything too seriously. They can hear the secrets and understand to some degree. With a change of mind and a little dedication they can grow to understand a higher knowledge)

Then there is type three. This is the lotus that flowers above and beyond the surface. The seekers that fearlessly leave beginnings behind and daily stretch to a higher aspiration. Always learning always growing their vision is open and clear with no attachment.

(You will find this person with a smile in the rain. Universally content within themselves, people wonder "how" as they pass on the street. Almost shameless and full of bravery they are active, passive, and compassionate towards everyone in their life. You can tell this person a secret and it will be heard understood and surpassed. Instantly it is a knowing.)

Do you know one of the three?

There are far too many studies on the mind, the universe, manifestation, and techniques old and new to possibly list them all here.

Try not to limit yourself...

With an unbiased brain and a hushed ego I have studied every piece of literature as it crossed my path.

From self help to ancient tradition, world religions to ancient philosophy - been there and studied that.

I do not claim to be a master, guru, or a certified this or that.

I am an architect - building bridges from my universal wealth of knowledge to your experience.

I would like to start something here, now, with you:

If you have a question about your life, situation, reality, theory, relationship, prosperity, personal evolution, or anything at all you want help with, ask me...

I'll put it this way. What I tell you will help to change your world and your life, or it won't and everything will be just the same. It all comes down to what works for you in your life.

Which is worse - to ask and possibly receive, or never to ask at all?

Keep it anonymous if you like.

I am here for you.

With all the divine in me I surrender my experience and knowledge to the divine within you...

Ta' for now,
Mrs. Universe