Monday, August 11, 2008

I found this years ago, brilliant book...

Read this document on Scribd: A Course in Consciousness

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Osho Says

I love this man. Every word he says both makes sense and arouses anger as my belief structures fall. Listen to his words, and know that we are all beings free to make our own decisions. You have heard societies side, be open to hear another...

With love and light, may we all find what we're looking for.

Blessings Namaste

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Color Tinctures are Color Medicine

We have seen the affects of our influence on the development of water crystals. Words written on bottles of water steering the size shape and overall appearance of ice crystals. Now we have also considered the fact that our bodies are mostly water...

Think of the effect we have just thinking or feeling to program a bottle of water to display our prayers and love... it results in beautiful crystals.

Or maybe you tried the rice experiment mentions in the last videos, care to share your results?

We can clearly see that the way we think and feel on a daily basis influences our external world.

But how close are we to ourselves, we are the living breathing body of water.

We effect not only outside but inside. We program ourselves and are programmed by everything we read and hear - everyday.

we are the mirror, creating and observing but also absorbing and reflecting. So we create our world, but also what we choose to accept and observe creates us.

Everyday we are digesting words, colors, tones.

Now it is another point to consider that we are water electrified. Our bodies are machines yes - water machines running on electricity.

We have a current or "life" constantly running through us -- transmitting signals to breath, move talk and interact with our world. If we did not have this electricity in us we would we be dead.

We are also aware that we observe everything that exists because of frequency.

Starting Simply-

All the colors we see and all the sounds that we hear. One can accept that these are based on frequency... which our body is the interpreter for...

Now we have this electricity this energy, this energy, that vibrates at our own unique human frequency.

Logically we can translate this frequency into color, sound, images, we are the compilations of many different vibrations.

The body itself is like a network of wires for transmitting this energy this electricity...

Now imagine that there are major nodes for this wiring located at central points in the body... they can be mapped out... and they have been.

((for centuries)) Continually they have discovered and buried or made exclusive to people that hold on to and cherish such knowledge :)

Now you can further picture that these different nodes have different vibrational frequencies relative to their location in your body, yes.

Knowing that we can conclude that these different frequency's can be translated into different colors of different intensities, and different sounds as well

This is the basics of how color and sound healing works.

You become sick because one of the frequencies of your body has an imbalance.

Know this also -- the human body is created to heal itself, to maintain a balance and to keep perfect health, always.

I mention these things to perk up your curiosity. There are many simple, beautiful and effective treatments in this world for your emotions, body and energy.

For all the pills and chemicals in existence there are just as many vibrational solutions.

Now i can get to the subject of this message after all the introduction --i know :)

Color tinctures are basically glass bottles of different colors (one for each energy center of the body) filled with and charging or programming water. - For a specific purpose.

Each energy or electrical hub of the body vibrates at a certain color and handles specific functions in the body. Such as the "throat center" it vibrates as light ice blue, and handles that physical part of the body, but also the counter-physical function its responsible for like "speaking or communication.

In this case we can fill a light blue glass bottle with water, then set it in the sunshine to "charge" for about 4 hours. The affect of which is used to treat a problem related with the throat or communication.

Believe it or not, this is overly simplifying things :) Keeping it on one dimension.

So do a little research on your own if your curious, you can Google and find charts of the different colors for the energy centers. then get your glass bottles and give it a try.

You can also find charts of your electrical body online :)

I'd like to conclude with a video that can illustrate more on the colors and vibrations associated with your energy body.

Love and Light

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Vibrationally Programmed Water

Here's a short video of Dr. Emoto's work with water. After exposing water to different words, thoughts and emotions. As well as many other tests and circumstances - we can see our influence not only on the water of the world but on our own bodies that consist of so much water.

Water programming is not so much based on distance but intent.? There are many examples of water before and after prayers of love. You can check out Emoto's experiment before and after he had 500 people pray for a control sample of water...

We should all learn to not underestimate the power we have as thinking beings to influence our world. Nothing is circumstances, nothing is accidental, we are the creators of this world and not the victims.

Thank you for letting me share this passion :)

Lets take a look at vibration...

His Book Messages from Water and Dr. Emoto's work with water crystals has changed a worlds perception. After seeing his water crystals you can't help but have an evolved perception...

Love and Light to the Navigators,
Mrs. Universe